Why Are Clipless Pedals Called Clipless

What’s in a Name: The Origins of Clipless Pedals Clipless pedals have become an essential component of modern cycling, with their widespread adoption in the cycling community. However, the name “clipless” can be misleading, sparking curiosity among cyclists and non-cyclists alike. The question that often arises is, why are clipless pedals called clipless when they … Read more

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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Watts Per Kg Cycling

What is Watts per Kilogram and Why Does it Matter? In the world of cycling, watts per kilogram (W/kg) is a crucial metric that measures a cyclist’s power output relative to their body weight. This metric is essential in evaluating cycling performance and predicting success in competitive events. A higher W/kg ratio indicates a cyclist’s … Read more

Great Cross Country Shoes

What Makes a Great Cross Country Shoe? Selecting the right cross country shoes is crucial for optimal performance and comfort on the trails. Great cross country shoes are designed to provide a perfect blend of traction, support, and breathability, allowing you to tackle challenging terrain and varying weather conditions with confidence. When searching for great … Read more

Top Rated Heart Rate Monitor With Chest Strap

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Extra Small Mountain Bike

Why Smaller Mountain Bikes are a Game-Changer The world of mountain biking has witnessed a significant shift towards compact rides in recent years. The extra small mountain bike, in particular, has gained immense popularity among riders of all skill levels. This growing trend can be attributed to the numerous advantages that these bikes offer, including … Read more

Specialized Epic Evo Comp Weight

What Makes a High-Performance Mountain Bike? High-performance mountain biking is an exhilarating experience that requires a perfect blend of skill, physical fitness, and the right equipment. At the heart of this equation lies the mountain bike itself, a machine that must be capable of delivering exceptional speed, agility, and control. When it comes to choosing … Read more

Presta Valve to Schrader Valve Adapter

Why You Need a Presta to Schrader Valve Adapter In the world of cycling, tire inflation is a crucial aspect of performance, safety, and efficiency. However, the differences between Presta and Schrader valves can create a hurdle for cyclists who need to switch between the two. Presta valves, commonly used on high-performance road and mountain … Read more

Comfiest Road Bike Seat

Why a Comfortable Road Bike Seat Matters A comfortable road bike seat is essential for any rider looking to optimize their performance, endurance, and overall riding experience. A well-designed seat can make all the difference in achieving a pain-free ride, while a poorly designed one can lead to discomfort, pain, and even injury. The impact … Read more

Angle Grinder Resistant Bike Lock

Why You Need a High-Security Bike Lock As a cyclist, the thought of having your bike stolen is a constant concern. Bike theft is a pervasive problem that affects cyclists worldwide, with thousands of bikes stolen every year. The financial loss can be significant, with high-end bikes worth thousands of dollars. However, the emotional impact … Read more